There are many ways you can help kickstart positive changes. They include:


The competition is now open for funding and competitors to enter, but the most important moment is just about to happen: The Lottery Competition is about to launch! To be successful in kickstarting positive changes, this launch needs to attract attention and inspire people to take action. At this time, there are two priorities:

1. Create the video.

This will serve as the main way to spread the idea on social media. Please email us if you or someone you know may be interested in helping to create the video.

2. Finalize all details and improve the website.

How can we make The Lottery Competition better? Please share your thoughts on reddit or via email. Critical/constructive feedback is encouraged.



The most important thing we need to do is spread the word. Share this site with your social networks and talk about The Lottery Competition with friends and family.






We are raising money for a prize to award to the team(s) that create the most social good by fostering changes to lotteries (TBD by public vote). Our crowdfunding goal is currently set at $1 million.

Fund the competition on HeroX. HeroX functions like Kickstarter, so funding will only be collected if/when the funding goal is reached. HeroX does not charge any fees. The Lottery Competition (and the creators) are not making any money.

Click here to go to the funding page


Share ideas about changing lotteries on reddit and social media. Check out the details page for more discussion material.




We are challenging problem solvers around the world to create social good by fostering changes in lotteries. Anybody can take up the challenge and compete to win The Lottery Competition. Competitors could be social entrepreneurs, filmmakers, lottery operators, activists, or… anybody who wants to create social good. It doesn’t matter where they live, if they have experience with lotteries, or what type of solution they use (as long as it’s legal). Whoever creates the most positive impact will win the competition. This will be decided by public vote. Enter to compete in the competition on HeroX. Details can be found here

Click here to go to the competition page



Contact us at to talk about volunteer opportunities. We are looking for assistance with:

Social media management, branding, web development, public relations, promotions