The Lottery Competition is a global collaboration of people on a mission to create social good by making changes to lotteries. This competition can create immense positive effects, but many people must see this video for it to work. Please watch this video and consider sharing. By doing so, you will play a vital role in kickstarting positive changes and create an immeasurable amount of good.


We’ll explain how the competition works shortly, but first let’s think about how much good we can create.


Did you know that people in the United States spend more money on lottery tickets annually than on sports tickets, books, video games, movie tickets and music: combined! Sound unbelievable? It’s true.

Around the world, hundreds of millions of people participate in lotteries and in just the past year... people spent around 280 billion dollars on lottery tickets. Now that's a huge number. To get a grasp on how much money that is, consider that (in 2008) the United Nations estimated that it would take 30 billion dollars per year to end world hunger.

Take a moment to think about that. People spend nearly ten times that much playing lotteries!


Because lotteries operate on such a large scale, it means that they have really big effects on our society. And these effects can be both positive and negative.

Lotteries can help countless people by raising funds for good causes (such as education and public infrastructure). Lotteries are one of the biggest fundraisers in the world. Every year, they direct about $76 billion globally (or 27% of total revenue) to these kinds of causes.

On the other hand, lotteries can negatively affect countless people by operating public gambling in irresponsible ways. Lotteries have been criticized for things like for predatory advertising and, in some cases, corrupt lottery officials were charged with stealing public money. Lotteries are one of the biggest operators of public gambling in the world, which means that negative effects caused by irresponsible operations are amplified.


The mixed effects that lotteries create cause people to disagree about how lotteries should be handled. However, one thing that we can all agree on is that some kind of changes should be made to make things better. We don't know what the best solutions are; Our goal is to inspire problem solvers to think about it and experiment to find what works best.

What if, for example, lotteries were operated with a policy of complete transparency, using the internet to publicly share their financial records and let people know exactly where all of the money is going?

What if lotteries spent less time talking about big prizes, and more time talking about raising funds for good causes?

Could unhealthy gambling behavior be reduced if lotteries designed their playing environments differently? Or making other changes?

Is it possible for lotteries to use their unique role in society to bring people together in a spirit of helping others?

How about reducing operating costs and using the savings to provide more funds to good causes?

Lotteries spend an average of 5% of revenue on operating expenses (things like retailer fees, printing tickets, and administration fees), which amounts to approximately $14 billion per year globally.

Can any of these expenses be reduced? How much more money could be provided to good causes? How many people could that help?

And, while on the subject of improving fundraising operations, is there any way that funds could be used differently to provide more value to our society?

Perhaps lotteries could take an analytical approach to determine the most socially beneficial causes and organizations to direct funding to.

Would it be better if players could decide to fund the causes they find the most meaningful or important?

Maybe there are completely different ideas that would produce more benefits!


While we're not sure which changes would work best, we are sure that the stakes are high. When you consider the huge scale of lotteries, it's clear that even relatively small changes have the potential to help many millions of people.

We also know that lotteries have been relatively slow to make changes like these. There are many reasons why: things like slow government processes, tight restrictions, and little motivation or incentive for people to make changes. But there's no reason why changes can’t be made.


It just needs a spark. That’s why we’re launching The Lottery Competition.


So here’s the plan:

We are challenging problem solvers around the world to create social good by fostering changes in lotteries. Anybody can take up the challenge and compete to win The Lottery Competition. Competitors could be social entrepreneurs, filmmakers, lottery operators, activists, or… anybody who wants to create social good. It doesn’t matter where they live, if they have experience with lotteries, or what type of solution they use (as long as it’s legal). Whoever creates the most positive impact will win the competition. This will be decided by public vote.


To provide incentive for these problem solvers, we are raising money for a prize to award to the winning team. To encourage new ideas and solutions, we are compiling an extensive amount of information about lotteries and starting discussion forums on  When one team of problem solvers succeeds in making a positive change to a lottery anywhere in the world, it will provide an example that all other lotteries can follow. By holding a public competition in this way, we aim to set off a domino effect of socially beneficial changes as we move forward in the 21st century.

Together, we have the power to shape our future, but it will require many people to take small actions on an individual level to get there. You can learn about ways to get involved at but... 


The most important thing we need to do now is spread the word. 

The Lottery Competition will only work if many people see this video and we need your help to make that happen.


Please... share this video now to help make these changes.

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Please note that the site is still in development and is subject to change as we prepare to publicly launch the competition. Please also note that technical details (like the dates, prize amounts, etc) are subject to change before the official launch. All of the sources for financial estimates in this narrative can be found here. Entries must comply with all jurisdictional laws in order to be eligible to win. The Lottery Competition expressly discourages and is not responsible for any entries that violate laws and regulations. All prizes awarded to the winner(s) are subject to the amount of money raised in the crowdfunding campaign and sponsorships.