About the Creators


The Lottery Competition was created by Steven Oustecky and Dan Klimkowski. Neither had much previous interests or experience with lotteries, but they became interested in creating social good by fostering changes to lotteries after a curious Internet search led them to discover the scale of lotteries. They began working on the idea in September 2014.

Dan and Steve grew up both grew up in Islip, NY and have been friends since the third grade. Some of their favorite pastimes have included playing tennis, frisbee, and wiffle ball.


On a skateboard ramp with friends (Steve and Dan are on the left)


In high school

On a hike in 2015 (discussing The Lottery Competition)

Dan is a musician and filmmaker based out of Charlotte, NC. He loves to read and spend as much time as possible outdoors. Some of his favorite activities are camping, rock climbing, and mountain biking.

Dan studied Marketing and Finance at Fordham University and graduated in 2012. He became interested in social entrepreneurship after co-creating Recycling Furniture in 2011. Read Dan's story about this here. 

Steven studied Geology at Boston University for his undergraduate degree. He now lives in San Diego, California and is building a nutritional supplement company. Steven enjoys spending time at the beach, weightlifting, and beach volleyball.

Steven has been influenced by Peter Diamandis, Ray Kurzweil, Thomas Paine, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Steve and Dan are not making money by creating The Lottery Competition. They are looking to connect with others. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.



The Lottery Competition would not have been possible without a great deal of help from many close friends and family members.

 It also would not have been possible without much help from the team at HeroX. You can learn more about HeroX here. HeroX is a subsidiary of XPRIZE, which has been a major inspiration for The Lottery Competition. XPRIZE was founded by Peter Diamandis, who co-wrote Bold. This book was extremely influential in the creation of The Lottery Competition. 

The Lottery Competition was also inspired by many other incentive prize competitions throughout history, such as the 1927 Ortieg prize. The Ortieg prize inspired Charles Lindbergh to become the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927 (to win a prize of $25,000). You can learn more about the history of incentive prize competitions here

Another major influence is the effective altruism movement, which you can learn about here. Of course, The Lottery Competition also wouldn't have been possible without the efforts of countless people who have previously researched lotteries and shared their findings. There are, of course, many others who have provided vital inspiration for The Lottery Competition. There's just not enough time to write.  For all of these people, we are grateful.